Ravit und Raj

Ravit and Raj are the first two boys who have been admitted to Ganesh Disable New Life Center.

Since March 2014 they are living in the center in Simaltar.

During our trip to Nepal in March 2014 we have visited Ravit and his parents in the village of Khokana/Kathmandu as well as Raj and his mother in the slum of Bodnath. 

In doing so we could get a picture of the life and the environment of the families.

RAVIT, 17 years

Ravit is suffering from cerebral paresis. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the general term for a group of permanent, non progressive movement disorders that cause physical disability. There may also be problems with sensation, depth perception and communication ability.

Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to motor control centers of the developing brain and can occur during pregnancy, during childbirth or after child birth up to about age three.

Ravit is neither able to sit,  to crawl, to walk nor to eat by himself or get dressed by himself. 

Until now Ravit has been living in an old traditional wooden house in Khokana. The family of four is sleeping in one bed only in a tiny dark room in the first floor.

His father and grandfather are alcoholics both and are not working.

The mother is working in a noodle factory and from 2 pm until 11 pm she is absent. During that time the grandmother is taking care of Ravit. 

The stairs which lead to the room are so steep it is hardly imaginable how the grandmother manages to carry the helpless boy down to the alley every day to let him get some fresh air.

On 18th March 2014 the parents of Ravit travelled with him to Simaltar, a journey nearly taking two hours with the bus.

Ravit's family is so relieved to know that the boy has a new home now. Since then they have visited him every now and then though for this poor family the travel is quite expensive.

It is important to us that the parents are able to visit their children whenever it is possible for them!


RAJ, 9 years

While being in Nepal we have visited Raj and his mother as well.

They have lived in the slum of Bodnath.

Raj is suffering of cerebral palsy as well.

The mother of Raj, Githa, is 25 years old and was left by her husband 3 years ago.

Githa is working as a cleaning lady in two different homes.

As she is afraid of Raj hurting himself or getting teased by the children of the neighborhood, Githa is shutting him off in the toilet room during her working hours.

The room in which they are living is so dark that only the flash of the camera is showing the furniture of the place.

We all immediately were in love with Raj, his wonderful, radiant smile, his curiousness just makes him a wonderful sweet boy!

Raj was also brought to Simaltar on 18th March



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